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There’s never a single day that goes by in a Turkish household where there’s no Turkish bread on the table. Ever. Probably because Turkish bread makes an appearance every mealtime, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. And one can find Turkish bakeries in any neighbourhood, with tens of varieties of breads and an array of pastry well in the hundreds.

Visit any Turkish bakery and you’ll find yourself dazzled thanks to the sensory overload imposed on your senses by the dazzling array of beautiful golden brown crusts of Turkish bread, pastry and cakes, an assault on your senses, confusing you as to which aromatic piece(s) of baked goods you want to stuff your face in first.

It has to be said, besides all the delicious Kazandibi, Supangle, Muhallebi, Tavuk göğsü, Künefe, Baklava or the like, there’s only one superstar we all spot as soon as we go passed the bakeries doors, Turkish bread. Its golden crust will enthuse your sight, the crusty crackle as you break the bread in half plays both to the touch and the ear drums. Then the fragrant, wood fire laced aroma which dances out of the puffy dough, readying your taste buds before you take a bite. We’ve gone out of our way to source the best Turkish bread there is in the British Isles, it was no easy feat (oh how hard it was, eating delicious Turkish bread, simit and pastries!..), as all of the Turkish bakers here really do bake stunning breads and pastry but we believe we’ve really nailed it.

Of course, we can’t possibly call ourselves a Turkish bakery without the favourite on the go Turkish nibble, Simit, pekmez dipped sesame covered bagels, the original bagel.

We’re constantly adding new products, so keep your eyes peeled here and check out our blog.

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