Kilim Rugs are exceptional pieces of art steeped in tradition. Each kilim rug with its own story, adorning homes throughout the world.
Painstakingly handwoven using centuries old techniques, vibrant and earthy root dye colours brings a kilim to life. A genuine Kilim can transform any space, altering moods, much like art on walls, yet kilim is a little more humble than portraiture, kilim ages gracefully as it takes on the elements of nature, building its rich character through time.
Traditionally, Kilims were never just decorative. When you found love, were in sorrow or filled with joy bearing your first child, you whispered it through the art of weaving. Using intricate kilim symbols weaved in to the patterns, passed down through generations.
Maybe that’s why you often hear people saying “this Kilim really speaks to me…”
We travelled across Turkey so you can find a Kilim rug that speaks to you too.

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