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Çaykur’s Filiz Tea has an intense amount of tea sprouts in its stock. The high-end quality of blend can be tasted in every one of the sweet sips you take. Çaykur Filiz is the choice of many black tea lovers for its fine and natural leaves which were collected as they shoot forth in the season.

The secret for brewing  a delightful turkish tea is brewing it with soft water on low heat approximately up to 10-12 minutes, as the tea’s flavour will slowly mix with the water without being burned.

  • 500gr Loose Black Tea
  • Turkey’s Favourite Turkish Tea brand
  • All natural
  • Made in Turkey



In stock

Turkish Tea

Buy Turkish tea online by Çaykur. This tea harvested from young buds of tea plants in the region of Rize in Turkey. This typical Turkish tea has a very delicate floral aroma and is low in tannins. Making it pleasant to taste with or without sweetening and not so bitter. This low tannin count makes Turkish tea perfect for extended steeping, letting the tea infuse gradually. Often prepared in Turkish tea brewing apparatus known as “çaydanlık” or “semaver/samovar”, Turkish tea is gradually brewed under indirect heat into a strong brew which is often diluted to preferred strength with hot water and sweetened with beet root sugar or honey.

Caykur Tea is the leading tea producer of Turkey and is state owned. With plantations in the northeastern city of Rize by the Black Sea coast, Caykur tea produces more than half of all Turkish tea consumed in Turkey, which is the highest per capita in the world! The cultivation process is stringent and heavily controlled as Turkish law has a mandate on the production licensing and importing of tea produce. Caykur tea meets all of the criteria and has state of the art facilities with organic production certification awarded by Swiss authorities in 2013.

Tea culture in Turkey is not limited to black tea, thanks to Turkey’s ideal climate. Many more herbal and fruit flavoured teas are consumed through out Turkey. Flavours often enjoyed include mint, linden, apple, sage, oregano, citrus fruits, wild herbs, floral brews such as camomile and melisa and many more. You can find out more about these teas in our Turkish Herbal Teas section, including Turkish apple tea by Dogadan, Turkey’s favourite herbal and fruit tea brand.

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  1. Matthew L.

    Bought this along with my Turkish coffee, very pleased. Fast delivery and great service. Thanks you.

    Matthew L.

  2. Jane Sp.

    Love turkish tea. Glad to find this site to buy turkish tea online. Brilliant they even sent me a gift box of herbal tea with my first order.

    Jane Sp.

  3. Brendan E

    Decided to try this out instead of my usual tea due to a reasonable price and I’m glad I did. I got it delivered quickly and liked the taste of it better. Will be ordering more.

    Brendan E

  4. Juan Aponte

    I bought the item and I thought the delivery time was great, it is a very reliable service and the product is very good in quality flavor and aroma.

    Juan Aponte

  5. Eduardo

    Ordered this out of a recommendation, when they told me turkish tea i was expecting some strong flavor, but turns out that, is is a nice fruit flavored tea, the smell is awesome, strongly recomend this to the fans of non-black tea. Also, good delivery servirce. Would order again.


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