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Duru Dry White Beans 7mm – Kuru Fasulye – 1kg


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Duru dry white beans are known for their delicious nutty-like flavour and their kidney-like shape. The biggest difference of Turkish white beans is that they do not release their shells when cooked, and stay intact.

Popular in almost every region of Turkey, white beans are used in various dishes ranging from main meals to appetizers. Some of the most famous Turkish dishes made by whole beans are Etli/Sucuklu Kuru Fasulye and Piyaz. Moreover, white beans are also an essential ingredient of the famous traditional Turkish dessert Aşure. 

Duru white beans are one of the best quality products made in the central Anatolian region.

To serve and enjoy a gourmet dish, we highly recommend soaking the beans approximately for 12 hours prior to cooking.

Dried and canned beans can stay fresh longer by storing them in a cool, dark place, up to 1-4 years

  • White grain
  • Kidney-like shape
  • Nutritious
  • One of the essentials in Turkish cuisine
  • Abundant in protein and iron
  • Help lower blood cholesterol
  • 1 kg


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White beans/whole beans are known to be the most abundant plant-based source of phosphatidylserine. Whole beans also have plenty of fiber as one cup of cooked beans can provide approximately between 9 and 13 grams of fiber. Moreover, whole beans contain soluble fiber which helps lower blood cholesterol. Mediterrian climate is the best suitable for beans to grow. Unlike their close relative peas, beans need warm temperatures, as they are summer crops. Because of their nature of being a vine, almost all bean plants need external support. In ancient times, people, especially Native Americans used to grow them along with corn and squash (Native Americans called these 3 plants Three Sisters), as the tall corn stalks would act as support for the beans.

Nowadays, special poles or cages are constructed to grow beans, or genetically modified  bush beans” are used, as they do not require support and have all their pods develop simultaneously because of their practicality for commercial production.

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