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Coarse bulgur is the most common bulgur type not only in Turkey but in the world. Due to its climate and soil type, Turkish coarse bulgur is famous for its  nutty flavour and fillingness. You can see coarse bulgur is frequently used in almost every dish in Turkish cuisine, especially in the central Anatolian region. 

Many people enjoy bulgur in the famous Levantine dish Tabouleeh salad. However, for Turks, coarse bulgur is also preferred over rice in dishes like pilav most of the time, because it is easier to cook and its flavour suits more to Anatolian food culture. 

Coarse bulgur is made from parboiled wheat that then is chopped and grinded.  The high-end quality of Duru Coarse Bulgur products comes from its being grinded in traditional millstones which makes bulgur keep its real taste and flavour. 

To cook a perfect coarse bulgur dish, we recommend 2 cup of hot water to each cup of bulgur, without washing or soaking prior to cooking.

  • Earthy and nutty flavour
  • Firm texture
  • High quality wheat
  • Famous Middle Eastern product
  • One of the essentials in Turkish cuisine.  
  • 1 kg  


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Bulgur is a pre-cooked, parboiled, peeled and grinded wheat product without containing any colourings or artificial flavours. Most of the bulgur products are grinded in mass production factories while a handful of brands use traditional windmills to ensure bulgur’s ancient delicious taste and flavour stays still. 

Bulgur is one of the most common ingredients in the cuisines of many cultures, especially of the Middle East and Mediterranean Basin. There are many reasons why bulgur has been an excellent food for centuries. Bulgur can resist mold contamination and does not draw insects as much as other food ingredients. It can also be stored for a long period of time. 

For centuries, bulgur has had many names. The Romans called it “cerealis”, Israelites’ word for it was “dagan”, and other Middle Easterners named it as “arisah”. The name “bulgur” is used in Anatolia where the ingredient itself is born and spread throughout the world. The first mass production of bulgur in industrial scale was in Karaman region, Anatolia. The factories were built to suffice the food ration of the military in WWI, and when the time comes to the 90’s, Turkey has introduced bulgur to many other countries, including the US, the UK and rest of Europe.

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