Kadayif Pastry – Kataifi Prebaked Dessert – 400g


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Kadayif pastry dessert in tray, pre-baked – also known as kataifi & knafeh.

Pre-baked super easy Kadayif pastry dessert is as close to ready to eat kadayif as it gets. Simply transfer to a metal tray, add your butter and honey syrup over and gently reheat in the oven and soft inside and crunchy on the outside. We highly recommend serving with rich clotted cream, crushed pistachios and ice cream.

  • 400gr
  • Pre-baked
  • Generously serves 10 people
  • Just add butter syrup and heat in the oven.
  • Serve with crushed pistachios & kaymak (clotted cream)


Only 4 left in stock

Kadayif pastry is thin shredded pieces of filo dough, either bunched together into a ball or layered flat with fillings in between. Often served with buttery honey syrup poured over during baking. Many cultures around the Mediterranean and Middle-East has adopted the dish in to their cuisines with their own take on it. In Greek cuisine kadayif is known as Kataifi and in Lebanon & other Arabic speaking cultures it is known as Knafeh

Kadayif Dessert Recipe Video

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