Manyas Peyniri by Unal Ciftligi


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Manyas Peyniri is a thick, mature and full bodied Cow’s milk cheese from Turkey, available only on The Turkish Shop.

A superb hard cheese, reminiscent of Parmiggiano Regiano of Italy, Manyas Peyniri is hard with a slightly elastic texture, salty and perfect on the grill just like hellim. Also a favourite ingredient in vegetarian salads for the protein and in baked dishes.

  • 12 month matured.
  • Made using a seasonal mix of Sheep’s and Cow’s milk.
  • From the region of Manyas, in Balıkesir.
  • Product of Designated Origin
  • Exclusive to The Turkish Shop in the UK.
  • Approximately 300g
  • TTS Club Members access only.


Only 8 left in stock

 Energy (kcal/kj)400 / 1670
 Protein (g)23,6
 Carbohydrates (g) 3,2
 Fat (g)33
Weight0.5 kg