Mastic Turkish Delights by Özerlat – 200gr


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Mastic delight is the oldest delight recipe that some might call it the traditional delight. The silky texture and resin flavour of Özerlat’s premium mastic delight is a perfect treat for those seeking  the Mediterranean breeze in their tastes. 

The traditional recipe mastic turkish delights are hand-cut, so  some pieces may vary in shape and sizes. If you find a larger piece, make sure that your turkish coffee can last until your last bite.

Mastic Turkish delight adds an excellent flavour to your turkish coffee. Even some of us in the office bet everything on their claim that mastic is the best turkish delight goes with turkish coffee 

  • 200gr
  • Natural mastic gum flavour
  • Superior taste

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The historical treat mastic Turkish delights by Özerlat are one the oldest recipes. When the renowned candy maker Haci Bekir invented Turkish delights in the 19th century by the special request of that era’s Ottoman Sultan for a sweet and soft treat, they were only a few flavour options. As Ottomans used mastic as a common ingredient for most of their snacks in that time, it was inevitable for delights to have a mastic flavour. When It was discovered that Turkish delight and Turkish coffee go so well together, the true coffee and delights connoisseurs get together to enjoy their coffee with a scrumptious treat. That is how turkish delights became a crucial member of turkish coffee drinking tradition.

Thus, It is so common that a coffee roaster will serve you a Turkish delight with their best Turkish coffee product. As established in 1917, Özerlat is one of the oldest coffee roaster in Cyprus, and they want to bring you delicate Turkish delights made by a candy maker as experienced as themselves: Haci Bekir™         

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