Mint Turkish Delights by Hafiz Mustafa 1864™ – 1kg

Hafiz Mustafa

Mint Turkish delights by Hafiz Mustafa 1864™. Melt in the mouth morsels of refreshing mint flavour Turkish delights, From the kitchens of Sultans palaces to these days, soft, scented and excellent flavour.

With Hafiz Mustafa 1864’s exceptional recipe to give a sweet candy nuance, handmade daily for exceptional quality.

Green hues of the nature and renewal, refreshing the taste buds and cleansing the palate with its lingering cool effect. 

We recommend

The best way to relish this savoury and sweet delight is with a strong cup of Turkish coffee.

  • Weight: 1000 gr /1kg
  • Premium quality
  • Mint Turkish delights
  • Hafiz Mustafa brand, since 1864
  • Vacuum packed
  • Tin Gift box
  • Worldwide Delivery via DHL Express


Weight1.1 kg

Hafiz Mustafa