Hot Turkish Pepper Paste by Öncü – Acı Biber Salçası

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A premium quality hot Turkish pepper paste by Öncü. Also known as Acı Biber Salçası in Turkish, pepper paste adds a touch of  flavour rich in spice to your Turkish dishes without overpowering the flavour of herbs, vegetables and meats in the mix. Öncü pepper paste is a versatile ingredient and can be used in various dishes across cuisines. Widely used in Turkish cooking, pepper paste is responsible for the signature taste of many traditional Turkish dishes. Turkish pepper paste is a must have for any culinary enthusiast. Get this spicy ingredient into your cabinet and start to explore the Turkish pantry!

  • Made with handpicked peppers
  • Must have for Turkish cooking
  • Available in 370gr & 720gr jars
  • Öncü is a premium brand from Turkey
  • Gluten Free
  • Suitable for Vegans
  • 2.5% Naturally occurring salt content & an added 2.5%.


Turkish Pepper Paste (hot) by Öncü brand – or Acı Biber Salçası in Turkish – is a thick deep red paste made using peppers grown in the South-Eastern region of Turkey. Crushed and sun-dried handpicked red peppers are turned into a thick paste adding salt as a preservative to ensure a longer shelf life. Although making your own pepper paste at home is widely practiced by women in villages and small towns, even today, a store-bought packaged unit is ideal for home and cooking use as it is available in convenient glass jars/bottles.

Known for its wonderful texture and rich flavor, Öncü Hot Pepper Paste is a popular ingredient in the Turkish cuisine. This hot pepper paste, called Biber Salçası in Turkish, can be enjoyed in a whole raft of dishes, and used in much the same way (and sometimes in tandem with) tomato paste. Use the Turkish pepper paste in preparing dips, spreads and salads, to flavor soups, stews, stir-frys, or even to add a bit of excitement to a bowl of plain rice. It can also bring an interesting twist to your taste buds when used in unexpected recipes that may require a little heat.

Made of premium ingredients, this Turkish pepper paste brings a perfectly balanced heat and amazing flavour to different dishes. Add a hint of this spicy red pepper paste to any of your dishes to bring a fiery flavor to your dish – without overriding the dish’s actual flavor. Turkish pepper paste will ensure the other flavours (herbs, other spices, etc.) in the dish come through equally well to keep the real taste intact.
Enjoy the taste with health benefits by incorporating Öncü Hot Pepper Paste as it adds a nutritional boost to your diet as well.
This Turkish Hot Pepper Paste is available in two packs – 370 grams and 720 grams.

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  1. Jane Sp.

    This is hands down the best pepper paste ever, use it in all my cooking.

    Jane Sp.

  2. Hanife R

    Great paste. Recommended

    Hanife R