Melis Mixed Pickled Vegetables – Turşu Pack of 6 x 680g


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Melis brand mixed pickled vegetables.

  • A selection of white cabbage, cucumber, carrot, mild peppers, green tomatoes, red mild peppers, hot peppers and garlic.
  • 670g
  • Great as a side with Turkish dishes such as chickpea stew or broad beans and pilav.
  • A natural source of Probiotics.



Only 7 left in stock

Buy pickled vegetables online. Turkish pickled vegetables were traditionally a great way to preserve food for the cold winter months. TurşuTurkish for pickles (Also known as Torshi in Egyptian Arabic and Persian: ترشى torshi; Greek: τουρσί toursi; Bulgarian: туршия turshiya;Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian: turšija/туршија ;Albanian: turshi Hebrew: חמוצים, khamusim) is still consumed widely through-out Turkey and much of the Middle-east all months of the year. In fact, most households still traditionally pickle their own vegetables as well. There are hundreds of varieties of pickles in Turkey. Any vegetable can be pickled, even fruits such as plums.

Pickled vegetables health benefits are worthy of mention. Pickles are basically fermented vegetables, in which good bacteria helps break down the cellulose. This process allows probiotics to flourish within the pickled vegetables. A small serving (approx; a bowl of 250gr) of pickled veg with low sodium once a week would be beneficial for a healthy gut. Much like probiotic yogurt is also good for the digestive system. Wash off any excess salt and vinegar under fresh cool water and drink plenty of water and you’ll be good to go!

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