Rose Turkish Delights by Özerlat – 200gr


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Rose delights by Özerlat is the perfect choice for those who seek delicate floral taste with a softy sweet texture. With refined rose petals, this box of turkish delights is all times’ luxurious treat. Özerlat brings you all natural rose flavour from the hands of Haci Bekir. As roses have been very important in Turkish culture throughout history, we are sure that when you taste one of the pieces, you will imagine yourself in a Turkish royal garden..

These all hand-cut premium delights may vary in shapes. 

Turkish delights are best served with turkish coffee, so we think that the taste of rose delights would make a good harmony with turkish coffee’s exotic aroma.         

  • 200gr
  • Rose  Flavour
  • Traditional Recipe
  • Hand-cut


Out of stock

Rose Turkish delights, branded by one of the oldest coffee roasters in Cyprus, Özerlat, are one of the most delicate Turkish traditional treats. Turkish delights are known to be a crucial part of Turkish coffee drinking culture. Thus, it makes sense why a coffee roaster chooses to serve you a scrumptious treat beside their best product: Turkish coffee. 

Even though we can trace its origins to the 15th century Ottoman royal kitchen, Turkish delight, as we know today, takes its identity in the 19th century by renowned candy maker Haci Bekir. Özerlat brings you the delicious Turkish delights of Haci Bekir™ with the excellency of rose petals and their floral delicateness.

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