Turkish Black Tea by Hafiz Mustafa 1864™ – 400gr

Hafiz Mustafa

Turkish black tea by Hafiz Mustafa 1864™. So you’re hooked on Turkish black tea and the smaller packs doesn’t cut it anymore? Keep on topping up your tea cup (in Turkish we say tazele) with the 400gr pack of premium Turkish black tea from the Black Sea coast of Turkey.

Turkish Black Tea, admired by millions, is a big part of Turkish culture and there is always a place for tea. Hot summer day, cold winter day, breakfast, a visit to family or friends and for a relaxing time. Wherever you go in Turkey, there’s always a pot of Turkish black tea brewing, an offering of the hospitality of the Turkish people. 

What to expect?

Turkish black tea is more crimson red than black. Served in thin waisted (literally ince belli, in Turkish), smaller Turkish tea glasses, with matching petite spoons, Turkish tea is for sipping. Grasped at the top of the hot glass, a proper sip from the Turkish tea glasses always tastes better. Ask any Turkish tea lover, they’ll agree. You’ll need a Turkish tea pot for the best experience, we do not recommend any other “quicker” way of brewing Turkish tea.

Turkish tea by Hafız Mustafa is not whole black tea leaves, Turkish tea is a finer blend of whole leaves allowing for the brewing process to be efficient, allowing the full flavour of the tea to release.

  • Weight: 400 gr
  • Turkish Black Tea
  • Hafiz Mustafa
  • Worldwide Delivery via DHL Express


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Hafiz Mustafa

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