Turkish Braided Cheese by Muratbey – Örgü Peyniri 200gr

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Turkish Braided Cheese by Muratbey, Made in Turkey. Known as Örgü Peyniri in Turkey, braided Turkish cheese is an exquisite traditional taste of Anatolia. Similar to Hellim in texture, strained strings of cheese is braided for ease of storage and cut to taste.

  • 200gr net
  • Traditional Anatolian recipe
  • Made in Turkey
  • Keep in brine solution for freshness
  • Delivered in Chilled Packaging
  • Fresh for 3+ Months (Unopened)
  • Once opened, consume as soon as possible for the best taste
  • Keep in Brine for longer freshness.
  • Keep Refrigerated – Store it at 2-4 °C.
  • Must have Turkish Breakfast item


In stock

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