Turkish Mild Pepper Paste by Oncu – 1650gr


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Turkish Mild Pepper Paste by Oncu is the perfect choice for whom loves pepper paste but does not prefer hot flavour in their dishes. Chosen from 100% natural red peppers, mild pepper paste’s sweet flavour and perfect salt ratio will make your dish an unforgettable experience.

Turkish mild pepper paste is used in almost every Turkish dish, ranging from soups to salads. Some of us in the office even spread the paste on bread and eat it in breakfast. However, we think that it is the perfect match with bulgur dishes.

We recommend storing it in a cool and dry place, where direct sunlight can’t reach. Also, once it is opened, keep it refrigerated.

  • Sweet flavour
  • Natural
  • One of the essentials in Turkish cuisine
  • Perfect match with bulgur dishes
  • 1650gr


Out of stock