Turkish Rakı by Yeni Raki Âlâ – 35cl

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Yeni Rakı

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Turkish Raki by Turkey’s favourite brand Yeni Rakı.

Rakı is traditionally enjoyed around a full table of friends. No expense is spared and the focus of the Raki table is to drink, eat and have a good time with friends and family. Rakı table calls for a certain set of unspoken rules, or etiquette, if you will. Raki can be enjoyed neat and chilled or with chilled distilled water, making the spirit transform into a cloudy amalgamation, known as Lion’s Milk in Turkey.

With every purchase of Raki, you’ll receive an email outlining the etiquettes of the Raki Table and delicious meze recipes to accompany your drink.

  • Premium Raki by Yeni Raki
  • Aniseed flavoured
  • Triple distilled Raisin
  • 35cl – 47% proof
  • Most Popular Brand of Turkish Rakı
  • Proof of I.D required upon Delivery.


Out of stock

Turkish raki is undoubtedly the favourite spirit of Turks. This aniseed flavoured mediterranean spirit is best enjoyed with a table full of Meze, preferably accompanied by seafood as mains and last but not least, good friends are almost always a prerequisite for the Raki table to be complete.

You’ll never hear a Turk say “let’s have a quick drink of Rakı”, it’s borderline blasphemous and uncouth to rush a drink of Turkish Raki.

Raki has long been hailed as the “Lion’s milk”, alluding to the milky white clouded texture it takes once mixed with chilled water. Although going centuries back to the Ottoman times with its popularity, Yeni Rakı, meaning “New Raki”, came about in 1937 and has since established itself as the ruling lion amongst the competition.

Yeni Rakı Âlâ series is the premium offering of the Turkish raki maker, and should be enjoyed neat (easy, this stuff is really strong) or with chilled water. If you’re not the kind to cook up a storm in the kitchen, you can also enjoy Turkish raki with some rich Turkish white cheese served with honeydew melon and watermelon.

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Yeni Rakı

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  1. Jonathan K.

    Discovered Turkish raki on our recent trip to Turkey and we absolutely love it. Watermelon & raki is the best!

    Quick deliveyr and great service too.

    Jonathan K.